On the 1st of July Avon Tyres Motorsport team, lead by the best - Tanel Kutsar, participated in the RCE event in Vilkyciai, Lithuania, where they helped all the drivers and teams with brand-new tyres and good advice, which hopefully gave all the participants a strong dose of ability to fight even harder.  

Vilkyciai had brought together drivers from all over Europe. There were contestants from Russia, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Lithuania and from Latvia. Unfortunately, the Estonian flag was unrepresented at this time, but hopefully in the future Estonian drivers will be able to accomplish something also internationally. 
The race was absolutely amazing and kept the crowd on its toes until the checkered flag. We enjoyed the organization of the event and the whole rallycross atmosphere. It was a true Rallycross party!
Thank you for all the participated teams!

Info about the event and RCE: http://www.rcchallenge.eu/news/335-review-rce-round-3